In an effort to better serve the community, the Butler County Clerk of Courts' West Chester Title Office (only) will be granted status as a Limited Authority Deputy Registrar, or LADR for short.

Some of the new services include: issuing vehicle registrations and ordering license plates for newly acquired vehicles; transferring vehicle registrations; Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) inspections for vehicles obtained outside of Ohio; issuing temporary tags; and registering persons to vote.  The West Chester Title Office is located at 4872 Union Centre Pavillion Drive, West Chester, Ohio 45069.  

Notice:  Certain information and case types are, by law, not available on the website, such as  Domestic Violence Protection Order and Civil Stalking Protection Order cases.  The case information contained within this website is generated from computerized records maintained by the Butler County Clerk of Courts office and is deemed to be public information.  While every effort is made to assure the data is accurate and current, it must be accepted and used by the recipient with the understanding that no warranties, expressed or implied, concerning the accuracy, reliability, timeliness or suitability of this data have been made.  The information you have accessed may not reflect updates, changes or rulings that have not yet been posted to the system.  Butler County reserves the right to make changes.  The Court, Clerk of Courts, their agents, and the developers of this website assume no liability whatsoever associated with the use or misue of the data contained herein.

Nothing on this website constitutes legal advice.  Legal advice should be obtained from an attorney.

An example of the format used when searching by Case Number:  CV 2015 01 0001

If you experience difficulties with the website, please e-mail us at clerkmail@butlercountyohio.org.


Tuesday, October 25, 2016
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Welcome to our website.  We hope you find the site user-friendly and the information useful. The site is a reflection of our commitment to continue to improve our office and the services we provide. 

In the more than 200 years since Clerks of Courts were created by the Ohio Constitution, the responsibilities of the Clerk have grown immensely and are extremely varied.  Below are the fundamental responsibilities of the Butler County Clerk of Courts.

Legal Division

The Clerk maintains the records for the General (Civil/Criminal) and the Domestic Relations Divisions of the Court of Commons Pleas and for Butler County cases filed in the Court of Appeals.  The Clerk is responsible for all filing activity associated with civil, domestic relations and felony criminal cases in the Commons Pleas Courts as well as collecting legal fees, deposits, some fines and court costs.

Title Division

Another responsibility of the Clerk of Courts is the Title Division.  This Division is responsibe for issuing titles for cars, trucks, motorcycles, trailers and watercraft, as well as for collecting the related state sales and use tax and fees.  The local fees collected support the Title Division - it operates without the use of county general fund dollars.

In addition to title duties, we have added passport application processing and watercraft registration at each of the four title offices in our county, which are located in Fairfield, Hamilton, Middletown and West Chester. 

I welcome any questions or comments you may have about the responsibilities of the Clerk of Courts.  Please feel free to contact me through the means shown above. 

                                       Mary L. Swain

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