The Butler County Clerk of Courts has been accepting eFiled documents in certain types of cases since 2019. We are excited to have instituted this convenience.   The implementation of this project was made possible by a grant received from the Ohio Supreme Court to the General Division of the Common Pleas Court. The Grant funded the entire project.

The Local Rules pertaining to eFiling can be found here.
Instructions on how to use the eFile system can be found here. 

To register for eFiling as an Attorney, Click Here
To register for eFiling as a Pro Se filer (self-represented), Click Here
To sign in to eFiling,
Click Here

To log in, your username is the accountholders email. Please be sure to click the confirmation link (sent to your email after registering) before attempting to eFile the first time. 

When eFiling a document, the account used to file the document MUST be the account of the attorney who has signed the document.

The eFiling system allows users to opt-out of receiving important email notifications. It remains your responsibilty to ensure your submission is properly filed and accepted. even if you opted-out of email notifications! 
For any eFiling registration questions , please contact our office at 513-887-FILE (3453), or email  plattjk@butlercountyohio.org.

For any eFiling questions involving the document to be filed, please contact our office at 513-887-3278. 

EFFECTIVE JULY 5, 2021: All General Division filings in civil and criminal cases are now required to be electronically filed (“e-Filed”), with the following exceptions:

Civil Cases: The filing to initiate a state tax lien case and a petition for civil stalking protection orders. All filings subsequent to case initiation must be made through the e-Filing portal.  Answers to garnishments from garnishees shall not be e-Filed. (NOTE: garnishment forms compatible with our e-filing system are available here)

Criminal Cases: E-Filing of criminal bind-over transcripts are strongly encouraged.  All subsequent filings shall be e-Filed.

Currently, pursuant to Local Rule 3.08, the following types of cases are required to be eFiled:
  • ALL CIVIL, Not Including Answers of Garnishment, and Court Ordered Titles;
Starting in September or October 2023, the Butler County Clerk of Courts will begin requiring that most court of appeals cases be filed electronically (e-filed).  At least initially, this will include only appeals taken from General Division Common Pleas Court cases.