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Body Type Changes
If the body of a vehicle is altered such that the character of the vehicle has been changed, the owner must bring his or her current title to any Clerk of Courts Title office to obtain a new title. The owner will complete and sign a Body-Change Affidavit. An example of a body change is the conversion of a truck or van into a motor home or the conversion of a passenger van to a bus.

Change of Name or Address
Regardless of whether a vehicle owner's name or address changes, the name or address on his or her Certificate of Title cannot be changed.  A new title will only be issued upon transfer of ownership.

Scrapped Vehicles
When a vehicle is dismantled or totaled and is not intended to be used again, the owner must surrender his or her Certificate of Title to any Clerk of Courts title office for cancellation. When a vehicle is sold for scrap, the title must be assigned to the scrap yard.  The title must contain the notarized signature of the transferring owner.

Lost or Stolen Titles
If a vehicle's original Certificate of Title has been lost, stolen or destroyed, the owner or lien holder may obtain a duplicate title.   To obtain a duplicate title at the Clerks office, the owner must provide photo identification.

If the original title is recovered after the issuance of the duplicate, the vehicle owner must return the original to the Clerk of Courts for cancellation.

Rebuilt Salvage
Before a salvage title can be converted to a rebuilt salvage title, an inspection of the vehicle must be completed by the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

The purpose of this inspection is to verify the ownership of all parts and to review all required documentation. 

Salvage Titles
If the cost of repairing a damaged vehicle is greater than its value, the vehicle is considered to be "totaled," and the owner's insurance company may require the issuance of a Salvage Title.  Since the vehicle's damage exceeds its value, the law requires salvage “branding” of the title so future owners are aware that the vehicle was damaged. 

To obtain a Salvage Title, the vehicle owner must take proper identification and the vehicle's original title to any Clerk of Courts' Title Office.

The Bureau of Motor Vehicles Deputy Registrar will not issue license plates for a vehicle evidenced by a Salvage Title.  
In order to get license plates, the owner will need to convert the Salvage Title to a Rebuilt Salvage Title requiring an inspection from the Deputy Registrar.   

To obtain an Application for Inspection from any Deputy Registrar
Schedule a vehicle inspection appointment with the Ohio State Highway Patrol Inspection Station at 9971 Cincinnati-Dayton Road, West Chester, Ohio 45069, phone (513) 777-5547.

You must present all required documentation for salvage inspections: 

  • Ohio Salvage Title in the name of the person applying for the title.  Assigned titles cannot be accepted;
  • Original receipts for all replaced “major component parts.

    The inspection office may require receipts or documentation for any part in question.
    The vehicle owner must take the Inspection Certificate and all receipts to any Clerk of Courts Title Office to obtain a new title. When the new title is issued, it will bear the words “Rebuilt Salvage.”  

When "kits" are used, the manufacturer's certificate of origin must be presented.  
The inspection office may require receipts or documentation for any part in question. 

Self-Assembled Vehicles
Before a self-assembled or salvaged vehicle can be titled in Ohio, an inspection of the vehicle must be completed by the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

The purpose of this inspection is to verify the ownership of all parts and to review all required documentation.

Inspection Procedures

  • The vehicle must be completely rebuilt and ready for highway operation;
  • Documentation must be complete;
  • It may be necessary for the applicant to remove certain body parts to allow for inspection of the Vehicle Identification Number;
  • It may also be necessary to leave the vehicle overnight.  

    The vehicle owner must bring the Inspection Certificate and all receipts to any Clerk of Courts Title Office to obtain a new title. The year the vehicle was inspected becomes the year of the vehicle on the title.   The title also identifies the vehicle as self-assembled.

Recreational Vehicles
Titles for recreational vehicles such as travel trailers, motor homes and fold-down campers are transferred in the same manner as motor vehicle titles. When permanently installing a camping unit on a pickup truck, a body-change title is required. See “Body Type Changes” for complete details.

Death of a Vehicle Owner
In your time of grief, the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles and the Butler County Clerk of Courts office want to assist you toward an easy and efficient transfer of ownership of vehicles owned by a deceased family member.

When there is an estate involved and a will is probated through the courts, the appointed executor is authorized to transfer ownership of the vehicle.

The executor must present a copy of the court-executed documents showing appointment as executor and properly assign the title to the heir or buyer. The heir or buyer must take the title and a copy of the court-executed documents to the Clerk of Courts office to obtain a new Certificate of Title.

When there is no will, Certificate of Title issuance is governed by the following guidelines:

A surviving spouse must present the original title and a Surviving Spouse Affidavit stating that the vehicle is not otherwise disposed of by the will.   A surviving spouse may transfer only two passenger vehicles, or one passenger vehicle and one 3/4 ton or smaller truck, or one boat and one outboard motor title with a combined value of $40,000 or less.

If there is no surviving spouse, an Entry Relieving Estate from Administration must be applied for through Probate Court.   The applicant must bring the documentation issued by the probate court and the original Certificate of Title to any Clerk of Courts Title Office.  

If a vehicle is titled to two individuals as joint tenants with rights of survivorship, and one of the parties dies, the surviving party must bring the Certificate of Title and a copy of the decedent's Death Certificate to any title office to transfer the title to the survivor's name.

A vehicle owner may obtain an Affidavit for Designation of Beneficiary from a Clerk of Courts Title Office to designate one or more beneficiaries for that vehicle. The vehicle owner must need to provide all beneficiaries' full legal names, social security numbers and dates of birth. This type of transaction occurs primarily when there is no surviving spouse.  If a beneficiary is designated on the Certificate of Title, the survivor must bring a certified copy of the Death Certificate and the original Certificate of Title to any Clerk of Courts Title Office.  

Unclaimed Motor Vehicle Title
An owner of a repair garage, storage facility, or towing company may obtain an unclaimed motor vehicle title in the event that a vehicle was abandoned on the business premises.  The following steps are required:

  • An Unclaimed Motor Vehicle Affidavit must be completed and mailed along with a $5.00 fee, to the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles.   To obtain this form, contact our office at (513) 887-3090, or you may download the form from our website by accessing Title Division>Title Forms>Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicle Forms>Titles>BMV Form 4202.
  • The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles will perform a title search to determine the last known owner and, if applicable, the lienholder on the title.   The BMV will complete the “Bureau Use Only” section of the form and return it to the business owner.

The business owner must notify the last known owner and lienholder, if applicable, by certified mail, return receipt requested, of the repair/storage charges, where the vehicle is located and that it must be claimed within fifteen (15) days from receipt of the notice, or ownership will be forfeited and any mortgage or lien will be invalid.

After fifteen (15) days, the business owner takes the notarized Unclaimed Motor Vehicle Affdavit to any title office, along with the signed certified mail receipt or notification from the post office that delivery was not possible, and a new title will be issued in the business' name.

If there is an abandoned vehicle on a homeowner's street, local law enforcement must be contacted to have the vehicle removed.

Utility and Commercial Trailers
Utility and commercial trailers weighing less than 4,000 pounds do not require Certificates of Title.   Owners of trailers weighing 4,000 pounds or more follow the normal procedure for obtaining a Certificate of Title.  

Incorrect Vehicle Identification Number on Title
A Highway Patrol inspection station must be contacted to perform a Vehicle Verification check on the vehicle. A copy of this form and a copy of the front of the title, along with a brief letter of explanation must be mailed to the Ohio BMV, Title Division, P.O. Box 16520, Columbus, Ohio 43216-6520. The BMV will mail a correction letter.  Take that letter along with your title to the Clerk of Courts Title office for correction.

Lost or Stolen Vehicle Identification Plate
If a vehicle's identification plate is lost or stolen, contact the Ohio BMV Title Division at (614) 752-7671 and request a replacement VIN letter. The letter will explain how to apply through the Highway Patrol office for a Department of Public Safety VIN replacement plate or a replacement issued directly from the manufacturer. A manufacturer's replacement will take approximately 6 to 8 weeks to arrive.  After receiving the replacement, a replacement title may be obtained at the Clerk of Courts title office.

Titling a Vehicle to a Minor
Individuals less than 18 years of age must appear with a parent or legal guardian at the Clerk of Courts title office and complete a Minor Consent Form, or you may download the form from our website by accessing Title Division>Title Forms>Minor Consent Form.

Exporting-Importing Your Vehicle
Contact the Ohio BMV Title Division at (614) 752-7671 and ask to speak to the export-import assistant. Upon completion of the required paperwork, an official Ohio Export document will be issued upon the surrender of your Ohio Title to the BMV.