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The Butler County Clerk of Courts is responsible for recording the Notary Public Commissions issued by the State of Ohio. Notaries are required to file their commissions in their county of residence.

The fees charged for Notary filing and services are as follows:

  • Filing or Renewal of Notary Commission - $5.00
  • Verification of Notary - $2.00 per document

In the State of Ohio, a Notary Public is appointed and commissioned by the Governor.

Once commissioned, Notary Publics hold their office for 5 years, after which time their term may be renewed. They are authorized to perform their duties anywhere in the State of Ohio.  Attorneys admitted to the practice of law in the State of Ohio hold their offices indefinitely as a Notary Public.

In Butler County, the Bar Association provides information and educational materials about Notary Publics. The Bar Association also administers the examination that must be passed to obtain an Ohio Notary Public Commission. You may contact the Butler County Bar Association by calling (513) 896-6671 or access their website,