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Jury Information
             Juror Line: 513-887-3550
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Jury service fulfills a high civic obligation.  In addition to voting, the average citizen can render no more valuable service in support of our government than the full and honest discharge of jury duty.


Petit Jurors
Most jurors serve on a Petit Jury, which hears and decides individual cases.  Petit Juries are comprised of eight jurors in civil cases and twelve jurors in criminal cases.  If a trial is expected to last longer than one day, judges often select alternate jurors.

Each Petit Juror's term lasts two weeks. During this time, he or she is on call for service. You may inquire whether you are to serve the following day by:

  • Click the "Juror Number Search" on our website and enter the master juror number (located on top left-hand corner of Summons,)  every day after 3:30 p.m. EST.  If the number is listed on the website, he or she must serve the following day; OR

  • Call the "Juror Line" at (513) 887-3550 or (800) 548-2818 every day after 3:30 p.m. EST.  If the juror number (located on top right-hand corner of Summons) is listed on the recording, he or she must serve the following day.

    Jurors may have to serve more than once during their term. Therefore, it is important for them to check the website or call the juror line every day, even if they have served once already. 

Grand Jurors:
Unlike Petit Juries, Grand Juries do not decide cases. Grand juries hear evidence presented by the Prosecutor and decide whether the accused should be indicted and tried for committing a crime.

Those who receive a summons to serve as Grand Jurors must appear and serve on the dates indicated on the summons. A Grand Jury term lasts for a period of three months.  During this time, jurors can expect to serve one week of each month.

Prospective jurors must complete the questionnaire enclosed with their summons and return it to Court Administration in the self-addressed, postage-paid envelope.

The Clerk of Courts has no authority to excuse jurors. 
Those who wish to be excused from service should list their phone number on Line 3 and state the reason for excusal on Line 12 of the juror questionnaire, or call Court Administration at (513) 785-6550.  They will review the questionnaire to determine whether the excuse qualifies as an exemption permitted by Ohio law. Jurors will be notified whether they are excused by phone. Those who do not receive notification must report to service. 

Jurors who encounter circumstances that prevent them from serving should notify the Court Administration Office at (513) 785-6550.

Jurors are selected at random by computer from the voter registration list.  A juror must be a citizen of the United States, a resident of Butler County and at least eighteen years of age.  

Parking is available in the adjacent parking garage on Court Street.  The commissioners provide jurors with complimentary daily parking passes.  

When reporting for service, Jurors may request work certification slips to provide to their employers.  The Ohio Revised Code prohibits employers from discharging, laying off, denying advancement or otherwise penalizing employees who miss work because of jury service.  

Jurors are compensated at a rate of $5.00 a day when not seated, or $10.00 per day when seated.  

Jurors may have to serve more than once during their term.  Therefore, it is important for them to check the website or call the Juror Line every day, even if they have already served.  

Jury service fulfills a high civic obligation.  In addition to voting, the average citizen can render no more valuable service in support of our government than the full and honest discharge of jury duty.  

The Judges and the Clerk of Courts sincerely appreciate your service.